Tastes like the real ting. — (@)XCOPY —

A super rare unique digital art collab from global artists to bring together the multidiverse flavors of cryptoart.

Today we unveiled the list of cryptoart sommeliers that created all this flavors for the sake of art, some are sweeter, some are bitter, others refreshing and also eclectic, the truth is that all went beyond expected, masters & genius creators united in this renaissance of art we are living.

The CryptoDrinks™ Factory is announcing the drop of its first batch of flavors starting this 11-Nov-2020 at 5pm EST on Rarible.

It’s truly an honor & my pleasure to introduce to you the names of our great masters on this state-of-the-cryptoart one in a lifetime CryptoDrinks™ drop:

  • Javier Arres
  • Bryan Brinkman
  • Annahoy
  • Lucho Poletti
  • xibot
  • Stephen Tompkins
  • Ekaitza
  • JOY
  • Gary Cartlidge
  • Trent Kuhn
  • Violetta Jones
  • Jake Brukhman
  • RareDesigner
  • Skeenee
  • Pr1mal Cypher
  • Metageist
  • Marc-O-Mattic
  • Darel Carey
  • luluxXX
  • Mr-Monk
  • Sandro Ieva
  • Legendary
  • ToeMoss
  • Natural Warp
  • Moxarra
  • Miss Al Simpson
  • DAG
  • Clarupan
  • DanilPan
  • AnonymousNobody
  • Space Painter
  • Blue Pastel
  • MaxOsiris
  • WizardX
  • Second Realm
  • Neurocolor
  • Angie Taylor
  • Mattia Cuttini
  • Stina
  • The Bad Lament
  • KERB
  • Ness Nissla
  • Jay Delay
  • Fabiano Speziari
  • jivinci
  • Kavimaz
  • Collin
  • MrRat
  • Simon
  • Katy Arrington
  • Tom Badley
  • Thomas Omalley
  • Unik
  • ZafGod
  • Mlibty
  • Tommy Wilson

We invite you to discover & collect all the flavors to complete the master set collection of this scarce masterpieces 10/10 editions.

CryptoDrinks™ Collection

All assets come with unlockables high res files for printing & all original files are stored in Pinata IPFS.

CryptoDrinks™ project is meant to make you taste the multidiverse mix of flavors of cryptoart, to think about our cryptoart cultural consumption towards buidling together the future of art, a creative space never seen before.


A new refreshing $DRINK drop gamification.

  1. The CryptoDrinks™ Factory will be releasing drinks in batches, meaning that there will be a genesis 1st batch of random 12 drinks to start the drop.
  2. Once aprox. 50% of them are sold out the a new random batch of 12 drinks get unlocked.
  3. Once the 2nd batch is sold out aprox. 35%, the 3rd random batch of 12 drinks come in to play.
  4. Once the 3rd batch is sold out aprox. 15%, the 4th random batch of 12 drinks show up.
  5. From now on, to unlock a new batch of random 12 drinks a 15% sold out aprox. have to be triggered.

We suggest you to keep yourself in the loop for pretty fun surprises along the drop till the closure at the end of this project.

What do you drink to taste cryptoart?



*List could get updated in the coming days as more sommeliers are coming to the factory*

CryptoDrinks™. Cryptoart Collectibles. $DRINK. CryptoProducts Inc. ©2020.

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