CryptoDrinks™ RECAP — Week 1

WOW! WTF was that! What an extraordinary epic drop was our first week! Mind blowing! THANK YOU cryptoart community!

A very tasty historical massive drop launch that woke up the power of a super rare unique global collab in the cryptoart space.

Here some quick stats about last week CryptoDrinks™ drop.

• Editions SOLD: 161

• Editions SOLD OUT: 12

• Volume: 47 ETH

• Highest secondary sale: 1 ETH

Lucho Poletti's Leverage Bitcoin Drink.

• More secondary sales: 0.5 ETH


• #1 Top Seller Rarible from Wednesday 11.11.2020 to Saturday 11.14.2020.


Check out the upcoming CryptoDrinks™ line up for this week:

  • JOY
  • Miss Al Simpson
  • Stina
  • Javier Arres
  • Skeenee
  • Lucho Poletti
  • xibot
  • Moxarra
  • Fabiano Speziari
  • Tom Badley
  • Katy Arrington
  • Thomas Omalley
  • The Bad Lament
  • KERB
  • ZafGod
  • and more!

Keep discovering & collecting all the flavors to complete the master set collection of this scarce masterpieces 10/10 editions.

CryptoDrinks™ Collection

All assets come with unlockables high res files for printing & all original files are stored in Pinata IPFS.

Next CryptoDrinks™ drop is starting this Wed.11.18.2020 at 5pm EST.

What do you drink to taste cryptoart?



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