It's Money!

It's Money by SpaceYatch (screenshot)

Happy #BitcoinPizzaDay

11 years ago, this date, Laszlo Hanyecz bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC, making Bitcoin money for the first time in history.

Today, we're celebrating this historic moment eating pizza & launching a 1 day auction sale for the masterpiece artwork by SpaceYatch "It's Money".

This is a 1/1 piece in an unique NFT that was sold on Nifty Gateway on a sale with a 0.26% chance of winning it, and yes I was the lucky one to get it on the exact day on my birthday.

A precious masterpiece that HODL one of the most important key features of Bitcoin(BTC), that it's money and it's freedom.

11% of the auction sale will be donated to the Bitcoin Core Fund.

Go check out this tasty masterpiece to place your bids here:

Long live Bitcoin, Long live Freedom.





Summoner of @aavegotchi / Pixelcrafting the #Gotchiverse / $GHST #GotchiGang #NFTs #DeFi #Gaming #Pixelart #Pixelverse $PIXEL #Cryptoart #Bitcoin #BTC

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Xavier Iturralde

Xavier Iturralde

Summoner of @aavegotchi / Pixelcrafting the #Gotchiverse / $GHST #GotchiGang #NFTs #DeFi #Gaming #Pixelart #Pixelverse $PIXEL #Cryptoart #Bitcoin #BTC

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